Website Construction – Common Questions

Website Construction - Common Questions

How much does it cost to build a website? Is there any hidden charges?

We need to know your needs and then we can provide you with a very reasonable cost.  Different functions of different design sites vary widely. For example, there are display websites, online shopping websites. A system or a platform? The easiest finished website is our all-inclusive package for only $ 668. We can have this website online within two weeks. Corporate display websites from $ 999 which can be online within three weeks.

After the completion of the site, you take full ownership of it. Are there any follow-up expenses?

The website source code will be submitted to you for your permanent use. The renewal of domain namespace is optional; at any time, you can transfer server operators accessibility. We have fixed pricing with no hidden costs and no follow-up costs.

Where is your company location? Can I visit in person?

Our company is in Sydney CBD of the World Square. Our clients come from all over Australia and even overseas. We welcome your visit because we find that face to face communication is the most effective and quickest way to communicate your project to us. However, we also accept

Is ITciti reliable? Is it cheaper if I look for a freelance individual household to product my website?

Our company has a record of several years which demonstrate that we are safe and reliable. Remember, no matter whether you are establishing a website or doing online promotion, a legal and proven company is more reliable. ITciti was established in 2008 with its brand outstanding in performance; it has rave reviews. We have been focusing on serving Chinese businesses in Australia since our establishment.

Do free websites and self-built websites work?

A number of the potential clients we come into contact with ask us: “if a free website can be built online, why should ask ITciti to do a website with some charge?

Firstly we explain to these potential clients so as everyone knows, due to technical differences, the so-called free-built websites are not suitable for the network promotion on to the next step in your business.

Secondly, with this kind of free website construction site, copyright does not belong to you and there can be service consequences.

Finally, and most important is free websites are not really free. People who search through Google to build a free website are usually not familiar with the technology or website coding issues. They soon learn that building a good platform through a free website does require certain costs. Thus making something to be on the server targeting many people per year requires a lot of server costs. Hence it requires you to pay an annual fee; once you do not pay, your website will disappear.

Why do people say “A good website is the base for developing SEO and Google Adwords?”

To start with, a good website design can retain customers. Furthermore, a beautiful website design can attract customers’ attention from the moment when customers open the site. This often makes customers stop to browse. In addition, a good website design is able to give customers a better browse experience and this certainly leads to more customers.