Case Studies

Case Studies

some of our success stories with our customers

Case #1 E-Commerce

E-Commerce Webstie Development

Customer : Opal Natural Health

Target : E-Commerce website Development

Service : Customised Website

Project Length : 6 months

Project Specifications

  • Workframe

    Built with Drupal 7.x and Drupal Commerce

  • Website Type

    Highly Customized eCommerce Website

  • Product Selector

    Based on Customer’s requirement, automatically provide professional advice from Australian Registered Pharmacist

  • EWE, API Intergration

    Auto synchronize shipping box info to EWE

  • Alipay Global Intergration

    Alipay global payment method

  • Xero Intergration

    Auto create Xero Invoice and synchronize website payment   transaction

  • Order Split

    Auto divide order  items into different boxes base on  predefined rules. Site admin is able to change the multi boxes arrangement

  • Responsive Design

    Customized responsive website design

Case #2 E-Commerce and E-Bay Integration

Custom CMS Integration with E-Bay Store Management

Customer : Magic Cards

Target : E-Commerce website Development and E-bay Integration

Service : Customised Website

Project Length : 6 months

Project Specifications

  • Workframe

    Built with Drupal 7.x and Drupal Commerce

  • Website Type

    Highly Customized eCommerce Website

  • B2C and C2B

    Support both B2C and C2B mode

  • Payment Method

    Store credit integration, pay with store credit

  • Paypal API

    Paypal adaptive-payments API Integration

  • Ebay Integration

    Auto sync both website and eBay store inventory in real time

  • Bulk Import Product

    Product database bulk import (40000+ products)

  • Responsive Design

    Customized responsive website design

Case #3 Adwords Campaign

Lower Cost and Higher Conversion

Customer : Sydney Local Perfume Shop (Online and Offline)

Target : More Adwords Conversion

Service : Super Adwords

Project Length : 6 Months

Conversions (Before and After Using ITciti Service)

Cost (Before and After Using ITciti Service)

Our Methods

  • Analysis

    We analysed the existing campaigns from top to bottom, deep 360 analysis

  • Keywords Research

    We researched new keywords with high commercial value; we replaced the old less relevant keywords

  • AdGroups Relevance

    We re-arranged the ADGroups and cut back irrelevant groups; we replaced them with more relevant groups.

  • Landing Page

    We optimized their landing pages and created unique relevant landing pages, based on the keywords we used.

  • Cost

    We analysed the cost effectiveness and created a better budgeting allocation plan, with our special adwords formula

  • Constant Evaluation

    We evaluated the campaign every day. We removed all negative keywords and replaced them with the new keywords as needed. We did a general check for the campaign.

  • Result

    There was a significant increase of conversion with relatively lower cost. Actual sales increased by 40% in the 6 months campaign.

Case #4 Customised Forex Website

Advanced System Website Development

Customer : Citie Forex

Target : Create a secured, dedicated and reliable online forex management system

Service : Customised Website

Project Length : 6 months

Advanced Easy to Manage CMS

Fully Customised Reporting System

Our Approaches

  • Initial Approach

    There were customers consultations and discussions with the ITciti team, generating the main ideas and goals

  • Project Planning

    We Planned the development stages and timeline

  • Prototype

    We created the design and the website prototype which was approved by the customer with major or minor revision options

  • Development Process

    Our high skilled senior developers worked under timelines and delivered the project in time

  • Project Demo and Approval

    Our customer employed the developed beta website and made minor revisions

  • Final Delivery

    We delivered the project on time. We also provided 12 months free maintenance and uptime checking

Website Specifications Used:

  • ERP System

    Forex ERP System built with ASP.NET and Crystal Report

  • User Management

    User Management with role base security

  • Bank Account Integration

    Customer and customer bank account management

  • Fully Online Transactions

    Order, deposit, exchange and withdraw management

  • Report and Invoice

    Fully customised reporting and invoicing system

  • Security

    Multiple layers of security and encriptions

  • Uptime

    Live and uptime transactions on the website


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